What I Learned From My High School Reunion

And why I was afraid to go.

Highschool diploma with two class rings: a young woman’s and a young man’s.
Photo: Shutterstock

Yet at the same time while that pain is there, it’s amazing how much has changed…I have also learned that many of my former schoolmates have carried their own pains which were unbeknownst to me…We’ve all had our burdens…

Photo: Adobe Stock

Time has a way of eliminating the importance of who was the cool one, the attractive one, the smart one, the rich one, or the athletic one. Show up and be the one who cares about the others in the room, and you will find most of your classmates are just like you (they care too, or they would not have shown up).



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Lisa Lorden Myers

Writer with ME/CFS and fibromyalgia helping others to survive and thrive with chronic illness. Lifelong learner, dog mom, therapist-to-be.